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CEQR Number 11DME007M
Project Name The Phased Redevelopment of Governors Island
Project Description To create the vibrant, mixed-use destination that is envisioned for the region, The Trust for Governors Island has undertaken a planning effort that would be executed over a number of years, with development and tenancy of the Island proceeding in multiple phases and depending upon financing. This redevelopment of the Island is a complex process and an overall plan for all requirements for the Island has not yet been adopted; therefore, all the specifics of future development are not known at this time. However, the initial phase will be park and open space development, with tenancies in historic buildings and new development occurring at a later date. To further this goal, a Park and Public Space Master Plan (the “Park Master Plan”) was developed that enumerates a set of principles, renderings, and text that depict the fundamental concepts for the design of the Island’s parks and public spaces. For the future, several scenarios were developed that could represent a reasonable range of new development that could occur in conformance with the current real estate use covenants. These include a primarily University/Research Scenario (URS) and a predominantly Mixed-Use Scenario (MUS), both of which would provide equivalent amounts of development.
Lead Agency Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development
Borough Manhattan
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1 10 MN01 10004
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Reference Type Reference Number
Milestone Name Milestone Date
Lead Agency Letter 1/12/2011
PDF 11DME007M_Lead_Agency_Letter_GEIS_01122011

EAS 3/3/2011, 8/23/2018
PDF 11DME007M_EAS_GEIS_03032011

PDF 11DME007M_EAS_SSGEIS_08232018

Positive Declaration 3/4/2011, 12/5/2012, 8/23/2018
PDF 11DME007M_Determination_Of_Significance_GEIS_03042011

PDF 11DME007M_Determination_Of_Significance_SGEIS_12052012

PDF 11DME007M_Determination_Of_Significance_SSGEIS_08232018

Draft Scope of Work 3/4/2011, 12/5/2012, 8/23/2018
PDF 11DME007M_Draft_Scope_Of_Work_GEIS_03042011

PDF 11DME007M_Draft_Scope_Of_Work_SGEIS_12052012

PDF 11DME007M_Draft_Scope_Of_Work_SSGEIS_08232018

Scoping Meeting 4/5/2011
Final Scope of Work 10/19/2011, 2/13/2013
PDF 11DME007M_Final_Scope_Of_Work_GEIS_10192011

PDF 11DME007M_Final_Scope_Of_Work_SGEIS_02132013

Draft GEIS and NOC 10/21/2011
Notice of Public Hearing 10/21/2011
Public Hearing for DGEIS 11/21/2011
Final GEIS and NOC 12/20/2011
Statement of Findings 1/18/2012, 6/5/2013
PDF 11DME007M_Statement_Of_Findings_GEIS_01182012

PDF 11DME007M_Statement_Of_Findings_SGEIS_06052013

Technical Memorandum 1/26/2012, 2/14/2012
PDF 11DME007M_Technical_Memorandum_001_01262012

PDF 11DME007M_Technical_Memorandum_002_02142012

Notice of Scoping Meeting 12/5/2012, 8/24/2018
PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Scoping_Meeting_SGEIS_12052012

PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Scoping_Meeting_SSGEIS_08242018

Scoping Meeting 1/8/2013, 9/26/2018
Scope Comment Period End 1/18/2013, 10/9/2018
DEIS & Notice of Completion 2/14/2013
Zip 11DME007M_DGEIS_10212011

Zip 11DME007M_DSGEIS_02142013

PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Completion_DGEIS_10212011

PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Completion_DSGEIS_02142013

FEIS & Notice of Completion 5/23/2013
Zip 11DME007M_FGEIS_12202011

Zip 11DME007M_FSGEIS_05232013

PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Completion_FGEIS_12202011

PDF 11DME007M_Notice_of_Completion_FSGEIS_05232013

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