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CEQR Number 18DOC001Y
Project Name Borough Based Jail System
Project Description The proposed project would establish four new detention facilities in the Bronx (320 Concord Avenue), Brooklyn (275 Atlantic Avenue), Manhattan (80 Centre Street), and Queens (126-02 82nd Avenue). The sites under consideration consist of the following: Bronx Site—320 Concord Avenue, Brooklyn Site—275 Atlantic Avenue, Manhattan Site—80 Centre Street and Queens Site—126-02 82nd Avenue. The City has issued the 2017 report Smaller, Safer, Fairer, which provides a roadmap for creating a smaller, safer, and fairer criminal justice system while also upgrading its facilities. The proposed project would establish four new modern borough-based detention facilities at sites located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens so that all individuals in DOC’s custody could be housed in the new facilities and the City would no longer detain people on Rikers Island. Each of the proposed facilities would provide approximately 1,510 beds, support space for correctional programming and therapeutic services, community space, and parking. The support space would include the public entrance and lobby, visitation space, space for detainee programs and services, health services, infirmary and therapeutic units, and administrative space. The community space is intended to provide community facility programming or street-level retail space with the goal to integrate the proposed jail facilities with the surrounding community. The facilities are designed to be self-sufficient, with units that allow direct supervision and direct lines of sight while optimizing access to natural light. Each facility would be designed to minimize the effect on the neighborhood urban design while also achieving efficient and viable floorplans. Each proposed facility location is City-owned property, but requires a number of discretionary actions that are subject to the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedures (ULURP) including, but not limited to, site selection for public facilities, zoning approvals, and for certain sites, changes to the City Map.
Lead Agency Department of Correction
Borough Citywide
Milestone Name Milestone Date
Lead Agency Letter 8/14/2018
PDF 18DOC001Y_Lead_Agency_Letter_1_08142018

EAS 8/14/2018
PDF 18DOC001Y_EAS_08152018

Positive Declaration 8/14/2018
PDF 18DOC001Y_Determination_Of_Significance_08152018

Draft Scope of Work 8/15/2018
PDF 18DOC001Y_Draft_Scope_Of_Work_08152018

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