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CEQR Number 16DME011M
Project Name East 126th Street Bus Depot Memorial & Mixed-Use Project
Project Description The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) on behalf of the the City of New York is proposing a series of land use actions to facilitate the redevelopment of a City-owned full block site in the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. It includes all of the approximately 105,710-square-foot (sf) existing Block 1803, Lot 1, which since the 1940s has been occupied by the 126th Street Bus Depot, as well as an adjoining approximately 9,792-sf bus parking area located immediately west of Lot 1. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is in the process of vacating the bus depot, which it operated pursuant to a lease, and returning it to the City. The proposed actions include zoning map and text amendments, a City map amendment for the purpose of demapping a portion of a mapped street that had once been part of the project site, and the future disposition of City-owned property. The project may also involve the use of public financing for the development of permanently affordable housing. The proposed actions are anticipated to result in a development program including a mix of permanently affordable and market-rate residential, commercial, and community facility uses and provide a publicly-accessible memorial commemorating the Harlem African Burial Ground and its important role in the history of Harlem and New York City.
Lead Agency Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development
Borough Manhattan
Geographical Information
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Block Lot Community District Street Address Zip Code
1803 1 MN11 301 East 126th Street 10035
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Reference Type Reference Number
Other WRP 16-011
Milestone Name Milestone Date
Lead Agency Letter 7/6/2016, 7/11/2016
PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_DCAS_07112016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_DCP_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_DOT_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_HDC_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_HPD_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_IDA_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_MTA_07062016

PDF 16DME011M_Lead_Agency_Letter_OPRHP_07062016

EAS 8/19/2016
PDF 16DME011M_EAS_08192016

Positive Declaration 8/19/2016
PDF 16DME011M_Determination_Of_Significance_08192016

Draft Scope of Work 8/19/2016
PDF 16DME011M_Draft_Scope_Of_Work_08192016

Notice of Scoping Meeting 8/24/2016
PDF 16DME011M_Notice_of_Scoping_Meeting_08242016

Scoping Meeting 9/27/2016
Scope Comment Period End 10/21/2016
Final Scope of Work 2/16/2017
PDF 16DME011M_Final_Scope_of_Work.pdf_02162017

DEIS & Notice of Completion 2/17/2017
Zip 16DME011M_DGEIS_02172017

PDF 16DME011M_DGEIS_Notice_of_Completion_02172017

FEIS & Notice of Completion 7/13/2017
Zip 16DME011M_FGEIS_07132017

PDF 16DME011M_FGEIS_Notice_of_Completion_07132017

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